Addressing the 42% poverty rate

I’m running for City Council 6th District because there is an urgent need to bring an elevated vision to matters that are important to us like creating social investment opportunities, developing avenues that will allow businesses to grow, and funding youth enrichment programs. There is an urgent need for someone to effectively champion matters that will directly reduce the current 42% poverty rate in the 6th District. I carry within my heart to serve as a visionary for and a voice of the people.


Ensuring that city growth serves the needs of all Knoxvillians

  • Real Investment in Affordable Housing

  • City Budgets that serve people

  • Community Guided Redvelopment

BUSINESS investment

Local business owners gaining access to capital and expanding their businesses.

  • Increase the number of Black and Minority owned businesses doing business with the City of Knoxville

  • Job Creation and Retention

  • Re-Establish Title VI Office


Elevating the needs and voice of the youth; they are the future.

  • Youth Empowerment and Civics Education

  • Workforce and skilled trade training for youth

  • Mental Health Wellness Programs


Creating a public safety plan that is community led and informed

  • City employed social workers and Mental Health Crisis response team

  • Elevate and Empower PARC

  • De-escalation and cultural competency training